5 de noviembre de 2012

Download: Here’s all the 4.2 System Apps for your Galaxy Nexus

google apps Download: Heres all the 4.2 System Apps for your Galaxy Nexus
Recently we gave you a way to download the new Android 4.2 keyboard and, with a long roundabout hardened way, the new camera and gallery apps to your devices. Well now I’ve got a much easier way for you all to have all the new 4.2 apps and get them functioning on your devices.
Great Android developer on twitter, known as @KillDroidHack (some may know him as other names), has recently found a way to pull all the apps, zip them together, and put them all in a flashable .zip that you can install via some custom recovery. This .zip includes the new camera, keyboard and other new apps like the new Gmail and new clock, to name a few. One thing I did notice was that he didn’t include Google wallet. I’ve pulled wallet and added it below, which you can either direct install or place in /system/apps and reboot (AFTER FLASHING THE NEW GAPPS ZIP).
The dev is also trying to get a way to boot 4.2 onto his Galaxy Nexus, but is being greeted by many and many of time consuming force-closes, god speed to you.
Everyone enjoy your new apps, I have! Side note, I can only confirm these working on Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7, if it works for you on a different device, please let us know.
OMG!Droid New GApps Link
OMG!Droid 4.2 Wallet Link

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