31 de agosto de 2012

Deshabilitar “Go To Folder” en Mac OS X

Disable “Go To Folder” in Mac OS X:
Disable Go To Folder in Mac OS X
The Go To Folder command is one of the most useful features in the OS X Finder, letting you quickly navigate deep into directory structures without having to click around. But it can also be used to access folders you may not want users to get to, be it /System/ directories or the Library folders. If you want to lock down a Mac a bit more than usual, you can disable the Go To Folder menu option and keyboard shortcut using a defaults write command:
Launch Terminal and enter the following into the command line:
defaults write com.apple.finder ProhibitGoToFolder -bool true
Next, kill the Finder to relaunch it with changes active:
killall Finder
From the Finder, pull down the “Go” menu and you’ll discover the “Go To Folder” option is now missing. Additionally, the traditional Command+Shift+G keyboard shortcut is gone.
To bring the Go To Folder menu option back, use the following defaults write command:
defaults write com.apple.finder ProhibitGoToFolder -bool false
Again, kill the Finder, and you’ll discover the Go To Folder option restored.
Thanks to Austin for sending this in

Via: osxdaily
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